Friday Night Lights

Starting in April, Summit BJJ will be adding a gi class on Friday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. The class will follow the usual format: warm-ups, drills, technique, and training. The rest of the schedule will remain the same. The first class will be on Friday, April 5th.


Congratulations to our new blue belts! John Sylvester and Griff Sombke promoted Casey, Nathan, and Jessica to blue belt. Each of them put in countless hours on the mats over the past 2-3 years and earned their much-deserved promotions. In addition, Rick, Nick, Erling, and George received stripes on their belts. A big thanks to John, Griff, Cindy, and the rest of Edmonds and Sleeper folks for coming down and supporting us.

The Big Move

On Monday, June 4th Summit Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club will be moving back to Capitol Hill to the Miller Community Center Annex* located at 330 19th Avenue East. We have called Washington Hall our home for the past year and are sad to leave. It has been a great time to build membership and attendance. While we’ll miss Washington Hall, the Miller Community Center offers recreational facilities to support the expansion of our growing club.

The new facility offers a larger training space, locker rooms, and dedicated parking. We will have class three nights a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7-8:30PM. Monday and Wednesday will be gi class nights. Thursday will be a 30-minute warm-up, rewind, and Q&A, followed by an open mat. Please see the schedule for full details.

*Please note that the Annex is a separate building due east from the main Community Center building.

Miller Community Center Annex Map

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